Professional execution team

Customized merchandising models

Channel Visit
Our channels cover convenience stores, hypermarkets, cosmetics shops and other traditional channels.

With our in-depth understanding of channels, we offer precise inventory checks, organize sales activities and market brand images through target channels. We also provide customized services that are tailored to customers’ needs.

Channels across Taiwan

Enhancement of store orders

Commercialization Project
Our outstanding commercialization can be done in convenience stores, hypermarkets, cosmetics shops and other traditional channels across Taiwan to catch consumers’ attention.

We have a professional commercialization team and also maintain a good relationship with shops. In addition to product display, we are competent to provide customized service tailored to customers’ needs, such as competitive product analysis, sales activities, and labeling. If you want to add colors to your products but have difficulty putting your ideas into practice, we are here to help realize your creative thinking in the most efficient way.

Customized service

Merchandising professionals

Mystery Shopper
We act as shoppers to understand each shop’s familiarity with brands and sales and to increase brand awareness through shopping, service and consultation.

The statistical analysis through mystery shoppers can help identify the advantages and disadvantages of products or shops and further pinpoint the solutions.

Mystery shoppers

Data analysis for advantages and disadvantages

Demonstration and Sample Trial
Brand ambassadors guide consumers to experience the characteristics of their products with a friendly attitude and professional knowledge of the brand, which continuously strengthens customers’ knowledge and image of the brand.

We also provide customized service and plans and recommendations for marketing activities based on customers’ needs.
Market Survey
How to introduce products to major consumer groups precisely? By analyzing data collected from market surveys, we are able to know the target consumer behavior and channels and further identify the best advertising type. We also offer the design and conception of survey questions.